Movie quiz

Think you are a movie buff? Then test you movie knowledge or perhaps just your memory with a new and exciting movie quiz website, With a simple sign in process, allows you to start exercising your movie quiz knowledge in under 3 minutes. You can also sign up using your Facebook details and start sharing your progress with friends.

Each quiz involves a still frame from some of the best and most popular movies of all time. All you have to do is to name the title of the movie, how simple can it get? Another great feature of filmsnoop is that you can actively participate in developing the movie quiz by creating your own questions. This simple process involves uploading an image from a movie and entering the movie title. This will then form part of the movie quiz and will be asked to other players as well. There is a great social dimension to which allows you to ask for help in identifying movies from your Facebook community. Start enjoying filmsnoop today by signing up at and see how good you really are at the movie quiz.

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